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How To Find The Name of a Song With Few Information

find the name of a song

Suppose you are in party and an awesome song comes in, but unfortunately you can’t figure out its name. Now here you have two options, you can either ask your friends for the name of song or you can take help of technology. Although the former option may risked revealing your ignorance if that song happens to be quite famous but the later one would not.

find the name of a song

If we are in the 90’s then asking people for name of song was the only option, but not now. Many things has change in a decade. Now we have a lot web & mobile apps that you can use to find the name of the song. So what are these, lets find out

Find The Name of a Song From Mobile

1. Shazam

It’s the biggest player in the music identification service.

To identify music with Shazam, just turn on the application and place you phone near the source, it will captures a short part of whatever audio is playing in background. It then searches a huge database of audio songs, and returns the answer. But this whole thing is done quickly and the results are often correct.

Shazam is available for all major mobile phones OS for instance iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc.

However, even tough Shazam is quite popular it does has some limitation, for instance while testing this app I found out that it often fail to recognized the instrumental or classical music that has no lyrics.

2. Shoundhound

Like shazam, soundhound also matches part of the songs to its databases to revel the name. But what make this app different from the above one is that, you can do Voice/lyric search as well, so if you don’t have the song playing you can sing it in your own voice.

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However unlike shazam which is available on every mobile platform shoundhound is available for iOS, Android and Nokia.

3. Track ID

It is yet another music recognition service like the above two. But it’s worth mentioning here because I was able songs name using this app that was not done by above two.

Apparently, I could find TrackID only for Android.

Find The Name of a Song From Computer

4. Audiggle

It’s a desktop app, that is surprising good in finding music from your computer. While testing, I played old, new, instrumental and non English songs and Audiggle had no problem in recognising any of them. However the only downside is, it’s a paid software that offers only 5 song search per month for FREE.

5. MusicBrainz Picard

Well this software will not actually, give you the name of the song but can certainly helps to rename all the music tracks on your PC. For instance if you have songs in your computer name as 1.mp3, 2.mp3 then this software will quickly syncs the songs to their artist, album name, genre etc

The best things about this software is that its open source that work to recognize music according to its “digital fingerprint.” technology. And is available for windows, Linux and mac.

Find The Name of a Song From Web

6. Midomi

Midomi is SoundHound’s web client, that lets you find the name of the song by singing and humming. Other than that you can also explore profile and connect with others.

7. What Is That Song 

WatZatSong is a community of music enthusiasts who can identify most songs and tracks. If you can’t find the name of  a song, neither do you have digital copy, then you can record the song in your voice and upload it on site. And hopefully someone who knows the songs will answer that for you. I find the community members helpful and most of the songs get identified with few hours.

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8. Musipedia

This website lets you find songs based on keywords or melody you give. Let say you want to find a melody and you can play musical instruments then using this flash-based piano you can easily Identify a melody.

9. Lyrster

It’s a search engine of song lyrics with over 450+ lyrics websites indexed.

10. Google 

Last but not the least, one can never neglect the power of Google Search. Even if you know few keywords or anything about the songs chances are you will find some lead or a complete video on YouTube.


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