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How to Track your Monthly Broadband Usage

How to keep track your monthly broadband usage

Everyone loves the high-speed internet, especially when it’s unlimited. But not everyone has unlimited bandwidth. Most broadband plans come with fair usage policy; better known as ‘data cap’- which means after a certain data usage your Internet speed will decrease.

But if you are like me, who browse videos and stream music all day long, even on limited data connection; then tracking monthly broadband usage became quite necessary.

Track your Monthly Broadband Usage

#1 Windows

If you use a single computer, then you can install a small program on it, to monitor your monthly broadband usage.

For instance, this feature is built into Windows 8 and higher. However, if you are using an older version of Windows (like 7 or XP) then try Networx.

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How to keep track your monthly broadband usage

#2 Mac OS X

Similarly, Mac also has a built-in feature to track bandwidth usage, found under Activity Monitor > Network.

However, it only shows data since your last reboot. But if you frequently boot your MAC, then install Surplus Meter or BitMeter. Though both apps has not been updated from a long time.

monitor network usage in macbook

#3 Android

Similarly to track monthly broadband usage on Android, there is an app called Onavo Count. 

 #4 Router

However, most of us have multiple systems connected to their home network. For instance, I have a Mac, PC, Chromecast and few other smartphones on my home internet.

Off course, one can install programs in each system and sum up their bandwidth by the end of the month. But it would take too much time and energy. So is there a better solution?

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Well, a better approach is to check bandwidth consumption on router level. Since all your device are connected to your home router, it will keep track of total bandwidth consumption, including guest usage.

Most modern days routers can monitor broadband usage. To do that head over to your browser, log into your router by typing in and typing in username and password. Once you see your router dashboard, look for bandwidth statistics.

Note: Depending on the router/modem model, steps may be different. So if you face any problem, do a quick Google search.

monitor network usage from tp link router

#5 ISP Dashboard

Bandwidth consumption from user end and ISP may vary. Moreover, if your router doesn’t have this built-in feature to monitor total bandwidth consumption, then use ISP dashboard.

Most internet service provider, allow their customers to check their broadband usage. For instance, I am using BSNL broadband and following is the screenshot of my monthly usage.

Sometimes you need to create an account with your ISP, or you can check directly using the username and password provided by ISP. If you don’t know how to check your broadband usage from ISP control panel, then do a quick Google search or call their customer support.

Track your monthly broadband usage in BSNL broadband

So, these were some simple ways to track your broadband usage on different platforms.

What are you favoirte methods? Do share with us in the comments.

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