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Include These Skills In Your CV

Yes, a corporate job is good and the experience you learn on the job is amazing, however, if the job is not forthcoming as you want then do something with what you have.

One of the challenges fresh graduates, professionals and jobseekers face is the inability to earn income while job hunting.

In today’s labour market, high income skills make you valuable to either your employer or your community. If you work in an organization where your skill is being utilized as an addition to the other services you render, you’d be closer to being indispensable.

About 25% of jobs in the United States are at risk of being lost according to the Voice of America, and this is even scarier because it has been found that job Insecurity has a strong effect on one’s physical and mental health. Only a few are invincible –those with Skills.

And in no distant future, it has been projected by the BBC that job loss may increase to 800million globally because we have more innovative machines coming through.

Have you ever heard of High income skills and wondered what they are, or thought they would be challenging to learn?

These are new skills to learn that can help you make money fast today, and keep the cash flowing tomorrow.

What is a Skill?

A skill is an expertise, the ability to do something very well that people can pay you for.

They can either pay you to:

1. Teach them how to do it (group coaching or a seminar)

2. Do it for them (as a service or a product)

3. Talk to them how you do it (speaking engagement)

4. Present it to them (in a boot camp or workshop )

5. Read about how you do it (in an eBook book or a blog)

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6. Watch how you do it (in a video on social media)

7. Learn how you do it (One-on-One coaching session)

From this particular thing (skill) you can do, you can earn 7 times just from knowing how to do it and showing people how to do it as well.

The 7 steps I listed above are the various ways people would pay you for yours skill(s).

(please screenshot the 7 ways and save it on your phone).

You can have one skill or several skills. Whichever skill you decide to develop and monetize is usually determinant on:

1. Your location or environment

2. The market needs

3 Your customers or target market

4. Your branding

5. Your sales and marketing strategy.

However no man has only one skill, God has created us as multidimensional beings which means we can do so many things successfully and also monetize it.

Some people choose one skill, it could be cooking, teaching, designing and decide to master it and become the best in that skill- that is good.

While some choose more than one and master all and become the best in all they choose- this is also fantastic and I highly recommend this as it creates several sources of income for you.

If you have one skill and master it then start earning in 7 different ways from that skill that then you have 7 streams of income right? Note that one skill is tied to 7 ways money comes into your account.

What if in the next 8 months that skill is no longer monetizableas before, or you suddenly find 5 people that can do it better than you hence taking your place as the number one in the industry…. Suddenly your 7 ways could become 2 ways thereby affecting your finances and even your self-esteem!

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So it is better to develop at least 3 to 5 skills if you can and then monetize them all.

If you have 3 skills, multiply 7 by 3 skills that is 21 various income streams for you every month!

So you see why you need to learn at least 3 High Income Skills!

While a high income job is alluring, it is different from a high income skill. One of the most pronounced difference is in the fact that a high income job is valued and determined by your corporation, your supervisor or your boss, whereas, a High-Income skill is determined by the marketplace. The amount of value you are able to deliver – a skill that if it’s mastered – you can charge a lot of money to deliver.

With your high income skill, you are able to generate extra income, with which you can live more comfortably than your paid employment would have afforded you. Your expertise is a good way of creating a side income, who wouldn’t want that.

How can I earn money without working for a company? You have either asked or have heard such question(s) a couple of times. The answer is simple, learn a High income skill.

If you have one or two skills, you can easily move into self-employment after or when you chose to leave paid employment.

With your skill, and as a business owner or self-employed, you own your life full time. You call the shots and determine how much you make by how much work you put into your business. What more? Your profit is yours to keep -100%.

High income skills are surely one of the best answers to job security. While many people are losing their jobs to machines, automations or robots, you are safe because your business or source of income is safe.

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High income skill gives you control over these four things: Your Income, Your Location, Your Time and Your Destiny.

Now, you might be wondering, what if you don’t have a high income skill right now? How can you get one? Or, if you don’t want to go back to school to retrain, can you still acquire high income skills?

You can upgrade to a high income skill while on the job or return to school for training.


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