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MailTag: Real-time Email Tracking, Made Easy

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Should I send an email? Should I call?

I prefer emails over phone calls as I can write way better than I can talk, also with emails it’s much easier to keep track of your conversation. But one thing that emails lack over phone calls is that there is no way to confirm if the recipient receives the email, or was it lost on in the heaps of emails that were already there in their inbox.

Enter MailTag, a new email tracking service, to see if and when your email was read, and if the recipient clicks the links you put in your email. But how is MailTag different from the plethora of email tracking services that are already out there? Well, let’s find out.

How to get started with MailTag

1. Install MailTag on your Web Browser (Chrome )

Install MailTag

2. Go to your Gmail, there you’ll see a popup from MailTag, click on the button that says ‘Enable MailTag‘. This will open another pop-up request asking you for permission to read and write your mail account. Don’t worry, MailTag do not access the content of your messages.

activate MailTag

3. Once done, Compose a new email, there you’ll see a Sent with MailTag option in the email signature. This means the mail tracking is working fine. If you don’t want the recipient to know about email tracking, you can remove this message by clicking on the small cross sign next to it. This will remove the MailTag watermark, but the emails will still be tracked.

Tip: By default MailTag track all your sent emails, in case you want to disable it for selective emails, you can do so, by clicking on the small MailTag icon next to the Send option at the bottom. Once disabled, the email won’t be tracked by MailTag (nor will data from the non-tagged email be shown in your MailTag dashboard).

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send mail with MailTag

4. To find out if your emails were open or not, go to the sent folder and hover over the small MailTag icon next to email label. If it’s open you can see it here, Alternatively, you can go to MailTag dashboard by clicking on the MailTag icon to the top right of your Gmail.

 MailTag tracking


How Does Email and Link Tracking Work?

When you send an email using mail tracking services, they also embed a tiny transparent image in each email, hosted on their servers. This image is small enough, for it not to be seen with your naked eyes. But when the recipient opens the email, that tiny image made an HTTP request to the server, they’re telling the sender their email was opened.

Similarly, it turns links inside the emails, into short links (while keeping the original text of the link intact). This way, whenever the user clicks on the link, the trackers know about it.

Tip: If you are the recipient of the email and want to know if the link is tracking you, simply hover over the link and check its destination in the bottom left corner of your window.

MailTag Features

1. Free push notifications

Usually, If you want to find out whether your email has been read or not, you have to go to their service dashboard. Getting a Push notification when the email was opened, is mostly a paid feature in most mail tracking service. But MailTag offer free push notification when your emails have been read

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MailTag Features - Free push notifications

2. Free click tracking

Click tracking tool allows you to know whether the recipient has clicked on the links in the email, and how many times they opened your link. Link tracking is a premium feature in most mail tracking services, but Mailtags offer it in their free version.

Free click tracking

3. Free full email open history

While most email tracking service allowed unlimited tracking, with MailTag you can also track how many times a particular email was opened and when.

Free full email open history

4.  Free dashboard

Apparently, MailTag is the only email tracking service to offer a free dashboard that shows your average email open-rates, link-click rates, and lots of other data

Free full email open history

MailTag Free vs MailTag Pro

At the time of writing this post, MailTtag Basic version provides all the features that are available in MailTag pro, that includes – Free push notifications, Free link-click tracking, dashboard, support etc.

The only difference I find between MailTag free and MailTag pro is, MailTag PRO simply removes the MailTag watermark by default. In the free plan, you will have to manually remove the MailTag watermark, by hovering your mouse over the red “X” circle and clicking the red “remove” button. But other than this all the feature are same in both free and paid plan.

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Now that you know how to track Email with MailTag, you don’t have to assume if the recipient got your email or not, you can see it on the dashboard.

Is MailTag our pick for the best email tracking service? For free users, sure. The free version of the service is easy to use and offers features that rivals make you pay for. The only issue as of now is, MailTag is only available for Gmail. No support for Inbox, Outlook or Yahoo etc.

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