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Useful Gmail Tips Tricks for Advance User

create Multiple Facebook Accounts With Single Gmail Address

OK I admit, the Title is a click bait. But I am sure; you can use some time-saving Gmail Tips Tricks tough, Right!

Gmail is a necessary evil; Anyone more than 15-year-old, have to use Gmail nowadays. But Wouldn’t it be great if you can save some time while using Gmail? Well Good news for you, there are many workarounds that you can use. Therefore I have compiled a list of some useful GTD, a workaround for Gmail.

1. Create many email address from a single one

This is an old trick but still, works like a charm. Google says,

Gmail doesn’t recognize dots as characters within usernames, you can add or remove the dots from a Gmail address without changing the actual destination address; they’ll all go to your inbox, and only yours

So what can we do with this dot operator? Well, we can use this loophole to create many email address from single email address by shifting the dot position.

For instance, Let says you have created an account on some website with email address Now using this trick you can also create another account by adding a dot anywhere in the email address like this Both these email are treated as different by other websites but for Gmail they are one.

create Multiple Facebook Accounts With Single Gmail Address

2. How to insert an image in Gmail?

Sometimes you may want to include image inside the body of the email and not attachment. For this simply drag and drop the image from your computer to the composed mail window. To re-size the image hover your pointer to its edges and it will change to re-size icon.

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 insert image in Gmail

3. Use Keyboard shortcuts and saves time

Keyboard shortcuts are most efficient way to complete the task quickly, but most of us don’t know about them as they are turned OFF by default. Therefore to use them you will need to activate them first from the settings.

Although the list is big, Here are some of the most useful ones.

  • c – compose new mail (to open it new window press shift +c)
  • j – go to previous mail
  • k – go to next mail
  • x- to select a message
  • Enter – to open the selected message
  • Backspace – to go out of selected message
  • r – Reply
  • #- to delete
  • gi – go to inbox
  • /- to search

4. Delete big attachment that you don’t need any more

Google offers 15 GB of free cloud space, which is shared between Gmail and Google Drive. After that, you will have to pay. Although its enough for average users, an advance may need more than 15 GB.

Rather than deleting 100’s of small emails to free some space, it’s better to delete few emails with bigger attachments. To do that, In the search box type size:10MB and it will display all the files greater than 10 MB.

Find And Delete Large Size Emails And Attachments In Gmail

5. Disable 50-Pixel of Ad filled Web Clips

Initially, Web Clips was introduced to add your favorite RSS feeds but by default its most a 50-pixel of advertisement. But Google offers you the way to disable it if you don’t like. To do this Click on the Gear -> Settings -> Web Clips and uncheck the box.

Hide 50-Pixel of Ad filled Web Clips

6. Quickly swap between multiple Gmail accounts

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If you are logged into multiple Gmail account, then you can see switching between by changing a number in the URL. The number in the screenshot shows your current login account. ( 0 is for first account, 1 for second and so on)

Therefore to switch from one account to another just change the numbers.

Change the numbers to swap between multiple gmail accounts

7. Search like a pro on Gmail

You can refine Gmail search to great lengths using operators. Here are few examples of them.

  • Typing filename: pdf on Gmail search bar, will get you an attachment that is a PDF or a DOC.
  • newer_than:10d finds messages sent within the last ten days.

The entire list is here

8. Gmail Labs

Gmail offers some advance experimental feature know as Gmail labs. But as they are in beta stage, Google claims that it may changebreak or disappear at any time. However, it rarely happens.

Gmail Labs: Some crazy experimental stuff

  • Quote particular text in reply To quote a particular text in reply, Go to your Gmail settings > Labs > Enabled Quote selected text options. Now Select the text you want to reply and then press the r key. This will quote only the specific text.
  • Unread Message Icon Allows you to see how many unread emails you have at a quick glance of your tab’s icon
  • Canned Response Lets you create and save email templates.
  • Default Reply to All Lets you create a template that you can use to reply to all.
  • Undo Send Most popular feature which lets you cancel your Gmail after hitting the send button.

 9. Sign Out Remotely

We need to use Gmail everywhere, sometimes even on public computers or our friend’s smartphone. But what if we forget to log out? Well no need to worry, Gmail has this feature that allows you to remotely log out your current Sign in secession. To enable this option scroll down to the bottom of your inbox and there you will see “Last account activity” link, click on that, and a new pop-up window will open where you can make desired changes.

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