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Video Sharing Sites that are different from YouTube


YouTube is a Google for videos. You can find almost anything on YouTube whether it’s funny cat video, computer’s tutorial, audio books and even full-length movies. Being a YouTuber, I spend half of my day on YouTuber.

But there are few underrated video sharing and hosting platforms. They are not as diverse as YouTube but defiantly holds a niche. So let’s look at few of them.

#1 Ted


Ted’s videos are famous on YouTube. But there are few advantages of browsing these videos on its official websites. For instance, you can sort these videos by categories or even download them for free.

Bottom line : More like Mind carving webinar.

Click here to get inspire by ted most inspiring video.

#2 Wimp

Video-Sharing-websites_wimp a family video website

Like YouTube, wimp also allow users to uploads videos, but it has to be approved by the moderator first. This makes the content unique and family friendly.

Bottom line : Watch it with your family

#3 Vimeo

Video-Sharing-websites_vimeo on ipad

Vimeo host high-quality videos only and often requires paid memebership. If you are a publisher, then you can also password protect your video. And only the person with password can open it. No need login.

Unlike YouTube where Charlie biting a finger can go viral (I am not judging). Vimeo is more directed towards original and creative art like content.

#4 Comedy Central

Video-Sharing-websites_comady central


Originally known as atom, Comedy central only focus on funny videos. Funniest video here are often not present on YouTube.

Bottom line : Watch it for funny video.

#5 Metacafe

Video-Sharing-websites_metacafe 18+


It’s hard to distinguish Metacafe from YouTube. It’s like a subset of YouTube with less video off course. The only thing that differentiate it from YouTube is the 18+ section.

How to do a home office setup for productivity

Bottom line: Adult version of YouTube


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