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Which Webpages Should you Optimized For Adsense

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Most of the blogger (including me) use Google analytics to determine top pages in search engines. So, we start working on them to make it look better, load faster and get more backlink to it.

Hoping that it would increase our revenue !! We assume that top pages in search engines are the top earning pages from Adsense.

more from adsense

But this is not entirely accurate. There is a difference between top earning pages and top performing pages.

  • Analytics give you idea of which post is doing well on Search engine.
  • Adsense estimates your daily earning.

Adsense program is more of a CPC model than a CPM (impression). So it not about how much impression a page is making but how high is the CPC and CTR of that page. When I looked at my analytics, I was surprised to see some of the stats.

Since Google don’t allow showing Adsense CPC and CPM, I will blur the details.

Pages getting less montly impressions are earning more than top pages

The post which gets 2k and 8k monthly impressions were earning more than-than the post having 30k & 40K monthly impression. The reason was simple they have higher CTR and CPC as compared to more popular pages.The point is you should look at your high performing Adsense page instead of Top Analytic pages, to increase your AdSense revenue.


So It was clear that I should concentrate more on those high earning pages and spent my time optimizing them then compare to my popular pages. It’s not that these pages should be left alone but what I was talking about is, giving correct priority.

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Few things that can be done for optimizing top AdSense pages are

  • Reduce page loading time. Link
  • Optimize images.
  • Try to make connect better, and improve SEO (but avoid keyword stuffing)
  • Try quality backlinks.
  • Write list posts to keep the visitors engage.


You can find Adsense Pages by going to the reporting page and look for Adsense under the Behavior options. But this requires you to link together your analytics and Adsense account. Before you start to make sure that both AdSense and analytics are under same Google account.

Click here to find out how to link Link an AdSense account to an Analytics account.

It might take 24-48 hours for the final effect to take place. So be patient, if it still didn’t work out, you can try clearing your cache.

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